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Workplace Back Injuries

Connecticut Workplace Back Injuries Lawyer

Perhaps the most common and often the most complex type of workers' compensation claims involve a workplace back injury. From repetitive lifting or twisting, to a fall at work, the result can be painful back strain and herniated or bulging disc injuries.

In less catastrophic workplace back injury cases, you may experience impaired movement and chronic weakness or pain in your spine, arms and legs. More severe back injuries like those suffered in construction-related accidents can result in catastrophic paralysis such as paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Experienced Workers' Compensation Help

Attorney Ralph A. Russo has been helping workers throughout Connecticut address workers' compensation claims for over 25 years. Whether clients are filing a claim, fighting a denied claim or facing wrongful dismissal due to a claim, we have experience with all types of injures and cases at all levels and in all state workers' compensation districts.

If you need help obtaining benefits, receiving a fair settlement or taking a case to trial, call our offices at 860-266-4703 or contact us online.

Filing a Workplace Back Injury Claim

Filing a medical compensation claim for a back or spinal injury can be a frustrating process.  Your employer will likely refer you to an insurance company representative assigned to handle your claim.  The forms, doctor visits, and benefits can be confusing.  Not all Insurance companies offer the same quality of claims handling, and it can be difficult to tell whether your claim is getting the attention it deserves.

At the Law Offices of Ralph A. Russo we insure that every case gets the personal attention and evaluation it deserves.  We communicate with the insurance companies and our clients to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve.  We are available to help:

  • Educate you on Connecticut's Workers' Compensation system
  • Identify benefits you are and aren't eligible to receive
  • Assemble an accurate history of the back injury or other condition
  • Collect all required medical records before and after the injury
  • Draft and file are necessary paperwork
  • Present your claim at hearings and/or appeals at any court level

Our knowledge of the workers' comp system and procedure allows us to move quickly. We have the experience to anticipate responses to your claim and how to handle such roadblocks as pre-existing conditions and incomplete medical information that can invalidate a claim or delay the process.

Learn more about what to expect on our page called The Four Steps.

Working for Your Connecticut Workers' Compensation

We believe every worker deserves fair treatment, and the Law Offices of Ralph A. Russo will fight hard to help you recover the compensation you deserve. From single incident events like a back injury to occupational diseases, we offer free initial consultations and provide an honest opinion about the facts and laws affecting your situation based on our experience with similar claims.

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